Back to school: 2024/25 Academic Planners that’ll make you laugh out loud


9 June 2024 by WTF Notebooks

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As the new school year kicks off, it’s time to dust off those textbooks, bid farewell to beach escapades, and embrace the inevitable return of school planners.

When it comes to keeping track of your assignments, homework, and lecture times, there’s no denying the practicality of a traditional, paperback study organiser. But if you’re yearning for a planner that packs as much personality as it does practicality, then look no further, because the 2024/25 term is about to get a whole lot more entertaining.

Practical on the inside, hilarious on the outside

At WTF Notebooks UK, we’re firm believers in not taking life too seriously. Sure, we’ll help you stay on top of your assignments and deadlines, but we’ll also have you snorting with laughter so loudly that your classmates will wonder what’s gotten into you.

How, you ask? Simple. We’ve adorned our planners with covers so delightfully absurdly blunt, and ironically candid, your professor might just blush into his beard.

A funny WTF Notebooks school planner titled: Cheat sheets for today's exam

Imagine rocking up to school with a planner titled “Homework I won’t do”. Or how about gracing your desk with a study organiser labelled “Cheat sheets for today’s exam”. Not to mention, pulling out your “Things I want to say at school but shouldn’t” notebook during class.

Check out some of our favourite school and university titles:

A funny university planner titled: My hopeless attempts at adulting
A funny academic planner titled: Consequences of my actions
A funny school organizer titled: Homework I won't do
A funny academic planner titled: Reasons why I don't play well with others
A funny academic planner titled: My opinions nobody gives a shit about
A funny study planner titled: Shit I learned in school and never needed

You've probably realised by now that WTF Notebooks UK isn't your typical stationery company. We love to tackle those everyday situations that make you want to scream into a pillow, and twist them around to make unapologetic notebook covers that get people laughing.

And with more than 200 uproarious notebook and planner titles to choose from, it's clear that we're not afraid to push the envelope.

We're also well known for titles that make hilarious graduation gifts for but also inappropriate Christmas gifts for adults.

What’s inside the WTF Notebooks Academic Planner?

As hilarious as these titles are, let's wipe those grins off our faces for a moment (we'll get back to the fun part when we discuss customisation below), because we're about to answer a very serious question: What makes our planners the ultimate academic sidekick?

Designed to be as practical as they are hilarious, the WTF Notebooks 2024/25 Academic Planner is your ticket to surviving the school year with your sanity intact. Here’s a sneak peek at what awaits you inside:

Pre-filled calendar pages:

Say goodbye to frantic last-minute scribbling – our planner kicks off with a comprehensive calendar of the entire school year. UK public holidays, important dates – you name it, we’ve got it covered.

Yearly overview:

Need to see the big picture? We’ve condensed the entire school year onto a single page, complete with space to jot down regional holidays and those oh-so-precious days off. On the opposite page, you’ll find a dedicated section to add your regional or school-specific holidays and other days off.

Weekly layouts:

With ample space and crystal-clear organisation, our weekly planner spans from August 2024 to August 2025. Each week boasts two dedicated pages for daily tasks, important dates, and of course, space for your riveting school notes.

Flexible pages:

Five dotted pages at the back of the planner are yours to command and fill with your timetables, plans, or exam trackers. Use the flexible pages for whatever you need – whether it’s a study schedule or a list of Netflix series to binge-watch.

Take a look inside:

Get a visual on what we're talking about here and take a peek at WTF Notebooks' Academic Planner inside pages here.

A look inside the WTF Notebooks 2024/25 Academic Planner

Customise your own hilarious study planner

And as promised, we're back to the juicy, fun parts: Finally, we'll dive into the customisation options that will make your Academic Planner truly yours.

All of our thought-provoking titles are available in three different notebook types: A compact softcover (which is a wire-bound booklet that fits in your handbag), a compact hardcover (also handbag-size but with a sturdy, case-wrapped cover), and a large softcover (a lay-flat, wire-bound book in the school-approved standard A4 size).

But wait, there's more: Because we print everything to order, you'll never be short on choice when customising your WTF Notebooks. With 16 vibrant cover colours to choose from, you can make your academic year more colourful than a rainbow.

Order your WTF Notebooks today

Ready to inject some fun to your school year? Take a break from your textbooks and browse through the hilarious collection of more than 200 WTF Notebook titles. From “Algebra and other things the devil invented” to “My hopeless attempts at adulting,” there’s a notebook waiting to match your vibe.

Start the academic year right and equip yourself with a WTF Notebook – the most hilarious 2024/25 university or college planner, and study organiser.

Ordinary is overrated

WTF Notebooks are here to make you laugh out loud. Custom-printed to order, they are the perfect gift for friends, family, co-workers or yourself. Say goodbye to boring notebooks and hello to WTF Notebooks!

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