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Make them laugh

Browse hundreds of notebooks with tear-ably funny covers and shop inappropriate gag gifts for friends, family, workmates... or yourself.

Made to order in the UK

Each WTF Notebook is individually printed to your custom choices in England, UK

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"WTF Notebooks perfectly sum up our thoughts on life and work. [...] These notebooks are just tear-ably hilarious"


"We [...] happened to notice just how much these WTF Notebooks fit into the new daily chaos of both home and work life"

"Everyone has a notebook somewhere for something, but they are usually just black and get tossed in the back of your drawer. These clever and funny WTF Notebooks, say what we are all thinking"

Daily Mom

"Thank you, I got all 14 books and I’m sending them out to my team today. They will be over the moon. Thank you for the excellent customer service."

– Melanie (via email)

“Super Cute! It is the perfect size and exactly what I expected when I ordered. Shipping was quick and it came in a sturdy package as to not damage it during shipping. I would not hesitate to order more as gifts.”

– Leanne (via Facebook)

“I ordered one for my daughter as a Covid quarantine pick-me-up. It shipped supper fast and it made her laugh. excellent product.”

– Stacy (via Facebook)

“These are quality notebooks, paper, spiral, and covers [...]. The titles are clever offering self entertainment and are subtle ways to be a bit of a rebel without too much attention."

– Kay (via Facebook)