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It's funny because it's true

Founded by two passionate creatives, WTF Notebooks has been making people laugh since the early days of 2020. We celebrate life's little imperfections, break boundaries and encourage everyone to embrace their so-called 'weaknesses' with humour ... and a sprinkle of sarcasm.
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WTF Notebooks are more than just journals with funny covers.

Each of our inappropriate, awkward and awfully honest book titles aims to poke fun at life in ways we can all relate to. They playfully highlight the flaws we’re all too proud to admit, and remind ourselves that, after all, we’re just human.

While WTF Notebooks are funny yet useful gifts that'll make 'em giggle every time they see them, deep down you just know:

It's funny because it's true.

Why so serious?

Celebrating life's imperfections, breaking boundaries and making people laugh—one notebook at a time.

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Printed in the United Kingdom

Let your individuality shine with more than 12,000 possible combinations of cover colour, binding and inside page type.

Our UK production team will print your journals according to your customisation choices before quality checking and sending them off on their way.

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Meet the team



Our Co-Founder Dee takes care of our day-to-day technical tasks. He's an absolute marketing whizz and has no trouble finding his way around long strings of code. Outside of work, Dee enjoys traveling, meeting people and drinking wine.



Our Co-Founder Jo looks after many of our daily business tasks. He spends most of his time looking after our brand and bringing new ideas to life. On his days off, Jo loves running for miles, traveling the world and drinking wine.


Customer Delight

Carmen is a true superstar who loves taking care of our customers. In her free time she also takes good care of herself at different yoga or meditation retreats. Her caring nature and passion for mindfulness make her a delight to chat to.


Social Media

Cathy mostly keeps an eye on our social media accounts but also helps out with customer enquiries during busy times. When she's not "on The Gram" she loves long walks on the beach, and even longer Long Island Iced Teas.

US Team


Our US production house is based near Salt Lake City, UT. The quality-focused team takes care of all orders placed within the United States and Canada.

UK Team


Our UK production house is based near Leeds, England. The fun-loving team prints and ships all orders placed within the United Kingdom and Europe.

How it all started

What do you get when you mix two creative minds, a global pandemic and a few bottles of wine?

Co-founders Dee and Jo created the idea for WTF Notebooks in early 2020, during a good night over lots of talk and lots of wine. With the Covid-19 pandemic looming, and the world on anxious alert, the pair felt like we all deserved a break from the overwhelming wave of bad news.

Bringing together their mutual passions for minimal design and printing, and rocking the same sense of humour, they decided to turn the good old paper notebook into a messenger of happiness and joy (with a sprinkle of sarcasm).

And so they started WTF Notebooks USA – where we celebrate the quirky things in life, and allow everybody to let their individuality shine.

Within less than a year more than 40,000 Americans turned from regular people to advocates of tongue-in-cheek humour by giving WTF Notebooks to their friends, family, colleagues, staff and clients.

Today, WTF Notebooks is on track to become one of the biggest providers of funny journals and inappropriate gifts in the online retail sector.

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WTF Notebooks review: Funny gift ideas for her
WTF Notebooks review: Funny gifts for women

"We love knowing that each WTF Notebook puts a smile on someone's face somewhere"

– Jo, Co-Founder and Co-CEO

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WTF Notebooks in a nutshell


Founded by Dee and Jo in January 2020


European orders are printed in England, UK


American orders are printed in Utah, USA


More than 100 funny notebooks designed with love and humor


More than 12,000 possible customization combinations


50,000 happy customers and counting