2024/25 Academic Planner

Mastering chaos 101

Get ready to welcome the freshest member of your classroom crew: An academic planner designed for students and teachers alike. With the entire range of questionable WTF Notebook titles to choose from, this planner is a principal's nightmare and a class clown's dream come true.

A look at the inside pages of a WTF Notebooks funny school planner

Plots, plans and puns

The 2024/25 Academic Planner is the ultimate academic sidekick for students, teachers, and your (oh-so-serious) principal.

Designed to be truly practical, these inside pages are guaranteed to get you through the school year in one piece.

Take a peek inside

Take a peek inside
your new school planner

A close-up of WTF Notebooks' academic planner

Pages 2 to 7

Stay on top of those brain-busting exams (and wild party marathons)! The first six pages of your academic planner are filled with an easy-to-read calendar, pre-filled with UK public holidays and important dates of the year.

Pages 8 and 9

Next you'll find a full calendar of your school year 2024/25, giving you a full overview at a glimpse.

Right beside it, keep track of the days that fuel your academic endeavors, and jot down your regional or school-specific holidays and other days off.

A close-up of WTF Notebooks' academic planner
A close-up of WTF Notebooks' academic planner

Pages 10 to 115

Let's get into the juiciest part of this academic feast: The full weekly planner extravaganza, spanning from 5 August 2024, all the way to 10 August 2025. Each week gets two whole pages, which include a daily check list, important dates, and space for your oh-so-thrilling school notes.

Pages 116 to 120

We understand that everyone dances to their own academic beat. That's why we've added five pages of flexible space for individualised content. Use the dot grid to create your own timetables, semester plans, exam trackers, or world domination plans.

A close-up of WTF Notebooks' academic planner

Useful inside, wicked outside

Choose a hilarious cover from more than 200 hilarious book titles that are most definitely not in the school curriculum. Then customise your planner with your preferred book type and cover color.

Laugh your way to the principal's office and grab your custom academic planner today.

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