Why are WTF Notebooks printed to order?


6 October 2023 by WTF Notebooks

WTF Notebooks rolling off the production line

You may have heard of made-to-order dining, where you stand there awkwardly hoping that your bizarre combination of toppings will finally prove to be the unicorn of fast food. But have you ever heard of made-to-order notebooks? Oh, buddy, you’re in for a treat. Welcome to WTF Notebooks – where we combine the style of Vogue, the wit of a drunk comedian, and the sheer unpredictability of, well, your life choices.

But you may be wondering, “Why the heck does WTF Notebooks custom make their notebooks? And while we’re on the topic, why did the chicken cross the road?” Good news! We can answer one of those for you.

First off, with over 38,000 notebook options, it's clear we have commitment issues. I mean, come on: 200 hilarious titles x 2 binding types x 16 cover colours x 6 inside page options … we're like an overzealous ice cream shop with a gazillion flavours. Cherry mocha swirl with a sprinkle of unicorn tears? We've probably got that.

Having this many choices, a fulfilment warehouse would probably implode on itself. By printing only what you order, we're also helping save the planet. We not only say a very big "heck no" to paper waste, but also an equally big no to an unnecessary warehouse that'd just be standing around occupying space. Mother Earth is probably somewhere nodding in approval and chuckling at our titles.

And speaking of the environment: We’re made in the UK, baby! Every one of our snarky, sarcastic, and slightly inappropriate notebooks is printed near Leeds, UK, which eliminates the need for yet another colossal containership from across the globe. And let’s be real, if we printed these in Asia, the joke on the cover would be outdated by the time they arrived.

Choosing funny notebooks that are made in the UK also secures jobs for your fellow Brits who work tirelessly in our production team to print, bind and pack your WTF Notebooks (a big thanks from Bob, Jane, and that weird guy Larry from the binding station).

We like to think of ourselves as the Netflix of notebooks. Endless choices and no chill. Instead of binge-watching we’re all about binge-laughing. Although, with so many options, choosing might be harder than picking a movie on a Friday night (check out our staff picks if you need help finding the right notebook title).

So, while the mystery of why the chicken crossed the road remains unsolved, at least you now know why we're so mad about custom-making notebooks. And if you're looking for a notebook that'll make you laugh harder than your uncle's dance moves, and is as unique as your caffeine order (half almond, half oat, two pumps vanilla, no foam), then WTF Notebooks is your sassy fairy godmother.

Ordinary is overrated

WTF Notebooks are here to make you laugh out loud. Custom-printed to order, they are the perfect gift for friends, family, co-workers or yourself. Say goodbye to boring notebooks and hello to WTF Notebooks!

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