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28 April 2023 by WTF Notebooks

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Starting a new business relationship can be tricky, especially when you're trying to break the ice with clients, suppliers, or other business affiliates. It's important to show that you value these relationships and are willing to take a more personal and casual approach to business. And what better way to do that than with a gift?

But before you reach for that cliché paper weight or the pretentious bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, consider taking a more light-hearted and unexpected approach that lets you show off your personality and sense of humor. It's time to get funny!

Yes, you read that right – funny. We're not talking about just any kind of humor though. We're talking about the kind of humor that's professional, witty, and tasteful.

This kind of corporate gift can be the perfect way to make a positive, memorable, and – in today’s world most importantly – personal impact. A good laugh can work wonders for a new business relationship. It can break down walls, ease tensions, and make people feel more comfortable. Plus, it's a great way to show off your personality and let your new associates know that you're not just some stiff corporate suit.

How is that good for business, you ask? Well, humans like to do business with other humans. Proving to your clients and business partners that you have a sense of humor will help them see beyond your business facade and view your company as the human beings you are.

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To summarise, there are many benefits to incorporating humour into your corporate gifts, including:

1 – Memorable:

A funny gift is more likely to be remembered than a traditional one, increasing the chances that the recipient will remember your company and the relationship you're trying to foster.

2 – Breaks the ice:

Giving a humorous gift can help break down barriers and create a more relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere between the gift-giver and the recipient.

3 – Builds rapport:

Shared laughter is a great way to build rapport and create a positive association with your company. So, if you want to build a positive association with your company, don't be afraid to show off your fun side.

4 – Shows personality:

Speaking of showing off, a funny gift can also showcase the personality and culture of your company. Let your gift be a reflection of the human touch in your brand. When your recipient sees that you're not just another faceless corporation, they'll be more likely to approach you with open arms ...and wallets.

5 – Creates positive associations:

A humorous gift can create positive associations with your brand, helping to build long-lasting relationships. You want your brand to be associated with good times and happy memories, not just a boring logo on a pen.

Choosing the right funny gift

So, what kind of funny gifts should you be considering? Well, that depends on your audience. You want to strike the right balance between comical and professional. Playful is fine, but you also don't want to come off as a total goofball.

Remember, humour is subjective, like trying to find a date on a dating app. What one person finds funny may not be the same for someone else. So, tread lightly and don't go too crazy with the jokes – unless your audience is a bunch of clowns. In that case, go nuts! It's a fine line to walk, but with the right gift, you'll be sure to hit the sweet spot.

Think custom-made office gifts – something that's unique and tailored specifically to your new associates. That shows that you're not just sending them some generic present, you're putting in the time and effort to create something special just for them. Plus, it adds a personal touch that can't be beat.

So, get creative and think outside the box. Maybe it's a personalised bobblehead of your recipient, or a customised portrait of their dog wearing a business suit. The possibilities are endless, and we'd like to introduce one you won't want to miss:

Not your average corporate gift: WTF Notebooks

Stationery is always a practical present to give to clients and business partners, but what if those office products could also show off the comedic side of your business?

We've been in the business of supplying gifts that pack a punch since 2020, and our clientele is top-notch. We won’t brag with names but let’s just say, we can guarantee that you’ve heard of at least three or four of our biggest clients – think big shots in the search engine, breakfast cereal, and vaccine manufacturing industries.

A WTF Notebook titled

So, what exactly is a WTF Notebook? It's a high-quality notebook with a title so funny, it'll make your boss do a spit-take during a meeting. We've got titles that range from puny and work-safe, to downright edgy and inappropriate. And the best part? You can get them at a steal with our Bundle Discounts. Your accountant will be so happy, they might just crack a smile!

But wait, there's more! You can also contact us for a custom bulk discount, which means you can add your own logo and brand colours to really make these notebooks pop. Imagine the look on your client's face when they see their company's logo paired with a title like “Meetings that could have been emails”. The best part is that we print locally at our production facility near Leeds, England, UK.

So go ahead and browse all WTF Notebooks titles, snag an unbeatable deal, and show your new associates that you're not just a business, you're human beings with personalities and a sense of humour.

Ordinary is overrated

WTF Notebooks are here to make you laugh out loud. Custom-printed to order, they are the perfect gift for friends, family, co-workers or yourself. Say goodbye to boring notebooks and hello to WTF Notebooks!

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