The fine art of staff appreciation: Showing gratitude to workplace heroes


30 June 2024 by WTF Notebooks

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In the grand, sometimes chaotic tapestry of the workplace, where deadlines loom like dark clouds and the coffee machine is worshipped like a deity, there lies a crucial, often overlooked element: staff appreciation. This isn't about the half-hearted clap at the end of a long meeting or the mass-produced "Employee of the Month" certificates. No, we're talking about genuine, heartfelt appreciation that makes employees feel like the superheroes they are, capes and all.

How to say "thanks" to your team

Imagine, if you will, the modern office without its warriors. Who would bravely face the printer when it decides to chew up important documents? Who would navigate the treacherous waters of client demands with the grace of a seasoned diplomat?

It's these moments, these daily acts of heroism, that deserve recognition. And sure, there are plenty of choices when it comes to staff appreciation gifts. But let's look beyond the obvious gift basket and the tired bottle of Chardonnay, because there's a secret ingredient that makes turns the message of your workplace gifts from a simple "Thanks" to a thoughtful "I see you, and I appreciate you".

The secret sauce of staff appreciation

Enter the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of staff appreciation: humour. Yes, laughter is the secret sauce that can transform a mundane present into a token that represents gratitude, understanding, and acknowledgement.

Finding a gift that suits the recipient's sense of humour not only acknowledges the hard work and dedication of the staff but also demonstrates a keen understanding of their personalities and preferences. After all, even superheroes are still human, and using humour to show appreciation is much more personal than any old gift basket.

It shows your team that you've paid attention to the quirks and nuances of office life, that you've listened and laughed alongside them. It's a way of saying, "Yes, we're here to work, but we're also here to make this journey as enjoyable as possible."

This also creates a connection among team members, fostering a positive atmosphere within the workplace. It breaks down barriers, promotes camaraderie, and uplifts spirits. Humour truly is the secret ingredient for any staff appreciation gift.

A pile of WTF Notebooks that make great staff gratitude gifts

The WTF Notebook phenomenon

Now, you might be ready to hit the checkout button on yet another funny coffee mug... But please, for the sanity of your team members, don't! Nobody really needs those.

Instead, why not consider a gift that's both humorous and practical?

Since our inception in early 2020, WTF Notebooks have become a staple in staff appreciation gifts, having blatantly infiltrated offices in the UK and around the world (including giants like Netflix) and made thousands of business people feel appreciated.

What makes WTF Notebook such a fantastic token of employee recognition is it's ability to relate with humour: You can choose from titles such as "Things in the NDA I can't talk about", or even more candid titles like "Ways to pretend I'm working hard."

Or how about this selection:

A funny WTF Notebook titled

Brilliant ideas I had while drinking wine

This title is a testament to the fact that sometimes, the best ideas don't happen in the boardroom – they happen on the couch, with a glass of Merlot in hand.

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A funny WTF Notebook titled

My plans to take over the company

Here's a funny gift option for the staff member that seems to gun for your job – perhaps a token of gratitude awarded during a promotion.

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A funny WTF Notebook titled

Meetings that could have been emails

This title is a nod to the countless hours spent nodding along in meetings, dreaming of freedom. It's a shared joke we can all relate to.

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There truly is one for everybody – and when browsing our library of hilarious notebook titles, more than 200 ultimate staff appreciation gifts, you'll soon find that your choices seem unlimited.

Speaking of choices, you also get to pick the inside pages, select the notebook type, and choose from 16 vibrant colours for the front and back covers. This makes WTF Notebooks even more customisable to the recipient's taste, ensuring that your gesture of gratitude is not only funny and thoughtful, but also unique.

These notebooks are more than just paper bound together; they're a message to your staff that says, "I see you, I appreciate you, and yes, I too wish some meetings were just emails."

WTF Notebooks keeping teachers sane

Back in late 2022, a customer going by the name of "Teacher on the edge" left us a glowing review on Trustpilot, a testimony of the power of WTF Notebooks in the workplace:

They explained: "I am the lead special education teacher of an autism program in a public school elementary. We LOVE our kids but it’s an extremely stressful job. In order to survive, we have to rely on each other….and laugh, A LOT!"

"With your notebooks, I was able to provide each member of my team an individualized notebook. Your notebooks helped us build team camaraderie AND help us not lose our mother loving minds. I will be ordering my team your notebooks every year. An additional benefit is the rest of our school staff are jealous of our super awesome notebooks!! Thank you!!

Staff appreciation: The glue that holds the team together

In the grand scheme of things, staff appreciation is the glue that holds the workplace together. It's what turns a group of individuals into a team, a team into a family. And while there are countless ways to show appreciation, few are as universally effective and appreciated as the gift of laughter.

So, next time you're pondering how to show your workplace heroes some love, remember: In the world of work, laughter isn't just the best medicine – it's the best form of appreciation. And WTF Notebooks will always be here to cater to your corporate gifting needs.

Ordinary is overrated

WTF Notebooks are here to make you laugh out loud. Custom-printed to order, they are the perfect gift for friends, family, co-workers or yourself. Say goodbye to boring notebooks and hello to WTF Notebooks!

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