13 funny tweets that sum up what it’s like to be an adult


16 June 2024 by WTF Notebooks

A stack of adulting posts and memes in front of a kitchen stove

At WTF Notebooks UK, we pride ourselves on offering the perfect, relatable gift ideas for adults. In fact, our title “My hopeless attempts at adulting” has long been a fan favourite.

So, it’s only fitting that we dive into the world of X (formerly Twitter) to uncover some hilariously relatable tweets (or X’s?) that encapsulate the joys and struggles of adulthood.

Get ready to laugh, nod in agreement, and perhaps even shed a tear of recognition as we share these gems that perfectly capture the essence of grown-up life.


What being an adult feels like.

Funny adult meme: Independence as an adult

Credit: @adultproblem (X)


When Amazon reviews become your kind of TikTok.

Funny Twitter post about adulting

Credit: @thedad (X)


And suddenly you own an air fryer.

A funny post about what it feels like to be an adult

Credit: @Talal_Doueihi (X)


Nights are for sleeping now.

A funny quote about adulting and bedtime

Credit: @JayNoir_ (X)


My guess is it's £420.00.

Funny meme about high electricity bills

Credit: @Karenshley12_ (X)

A funny haiku about being an adult

Credit: @Kica333 (X)


When your parents have stopped waking you up in the morning.

A silly, funny meme about running late as an adult

Credit: @DavidGabaocoe_ (X)


They don't even care.

Funny adult meme about dinosaurs

Credit: @citizenkawala (X)


When everything reminds you of the struggle of adulthood.

A funny meme of a trashcan saying

Credit: @Craigadd (X)


Congratulations, it's official!

A painfully honest meme about adult problems

Credit: @adultproblem (X)


Don't tell me what to do.

Adulting meme about what to do

Credit: @AllenaC (X)


This is painfully true.

A funny meme about having a favorite stovetop burner as a grown-up

Credit: @stockmarketpump (X)


Just stop messing with those shelves, please.

Funny adult meme: Welcome to adulthood

Credit: @GenSomeone (X)

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