Rachel DeAlto: “Making a more relatable world will take a team effort!"


7 September 2021 by WTF Notebooks

Rachel DeAlto's book

Hold onto your notebooks, people, because we've got a relatable, practical, and hilarious situation on our hands. We're not just talking about the WTF Notebooks, but also about Rachel DeAlto's new book, 'relatable: How to Connect with Anyone, Anywhere (Even If It Scares You).'

We all have the desire to belong. And In this age of social media, it's tough to make genuine connections. But fear not, because Rachel's got your back! Her book will help you connect with anyone, even if you're scared to do so. It's like the ultimate wingman or wingwoman, if you will.

Rachel DeAlto holding her special edition WTF Notebooks

Rachel is the relationship expert we all need, with appearances on shows like Married at First Sight, Kate+Date, and Kiss Bang Love. Plus, she's Match's Chief Dating Expert. You could say she's a master at the game of love, and an expert in communication.

But here's the real kicker: Rachel's got a wicked sense of humor that fits perfectly with WTF Notebooks. We couldn't resist when she asked us to provide a series of special edition WTF Notebooks for her book launch swag bag.

Her reaction when she received her goodies? "These are so. freaking. amazing. I LOVE all of them".

About "relatable"

Millennials and Zoomers tend to have high anxiety at the thought of meeting new people and often fumble during in-person relationships. They struggle to connect, and let's be real, we've all been there: fumbling through in-person relationships, struggling to make friends, and floundering in workplace interactions. Sound familiar? Well, Rachel DeAlto is here to tell you that you can do better than that! You can be likable! You can be confident! And you can do it all while being your authentic self.

With a fresh, fun, and humorous tone, relatable provides a step-by-step guide that will take you from socially awkward to awesome. You will finally feel more comfortable in social and professional settings so you can let your true character shine as you form lasting, authentic, and meaningful connections with everyone in the room.

So let's do this, people! Let's show the world that we're not just socially anxious noodles, but confident and authentic social butterflies. With Rachel's guidance, we'll be ready to take on any social situation that comes our way.

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Get your own relatable swag

Listen up, book lovers! If you're looking to get your hands on some hilarious and relatable swag, you won't find it in Rachel’s special edition WTF Notebooks. They're as exclusive as a VIP room in a fancy nightclub. But the good news is, we've got plenty of other funny notebook titles that will tickle your funny bone.

Rachel DeAlto surrounded by her special edition WTF Notebooks

Our inappropriate, awkward, and awfully honest book titles aim to make fun of life in a way that we can all relate to. We all have that inner voice that says things we'd never dare say out loud, but these notebooks give you permission to unleash your inner snark.

So go ahead, browse all WTF Notebook titles and let your inner comedian run wild. Because if there's one thing we know for sure, it's that laughter truly is the best medicine.

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