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WTF Notebooks rolling off the production line
A WTF Notebook with gridded paper, and
A WTF Notebook being scanned for shipment

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While you're waiting for your customised journals to be printed and shipped, take a peek into our production house and check out how your WTF Notebooks are made.

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User Generated Content: A girl with orange heart-shaped sunglasses smiling and holding her WTF NotebookUser Generated Content: A woman smiling in front of a Christmas tree and holding her WTF Notebook
User Generated Content: A woman in the woods holding her WTF Notebook

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WTF Notebooks page element
A customer holding his blue WTF Notebook titled 'Times I was right and nobody listened'
A happy customer holding her red WTF Notebook titled 'List of people who have wasted my time'
A happy customer holding her pink WTF Notebook 'Inappropriate comments to make in serious situations'
A happy customers holding three WTF Notebooks, with the first one titled 'My list of things I was right about'