2024 Annual Planner

Plan like it's 2024

Looking for a 2024 planner that'll keep you sane throughout the whole year? Our annual planner has got you covered. With a full-year calendar, weekly layout, all public holidays and plenty of space for notes and doodles, you'll never miss an important date or deadline again!

A look at the inside pages of a WTF Notebooks funny annual planner

365 days, plus a whole lot more

For the fourth year running, the Annual Planner is still a fan favourite at WTF Notebooks, giving you hilarity on the outside and a useful organisation tool on the inside.

Made for everyday use, these inside pages promise to guide you smoothly through your daily home or work tasks!

Take a peek inside

Take a peek inside
your 2024 annual planner

A close-up of WTF Notebooks' annual planner

Pages 2 to 5

Keep up-to-date with those pressing work deadlines and unexpected Netflix binges! The first four pages of your planner are packed with an easy-to-read calendar, pre-filled with UK public holidays and significant dates of the year.

Pages 6 to 115

Dive into the heart of this planning bonanza: The comprehensive weekly planner journey, stretching from 25 December 2023 to 12 January 2025. Each week is graced with two entire pages, featuring the current and upcoming full months, where the current week is conveniently highlighted.

A close-up of WTF Notebooks' annual planner
A close-up of WTF Notebooks' annual planner

Pages 6 to 115

Don't miss out on those key dates throughout the year: From the UK's public holidays to important dates, this planner's got it all.

And we wouldn't be WTF Notebooks if we didn't add some fun to our planners. Each week's "Notes" section gets its very own hilarious section headline.

Pages 116 to 120

What is planning if not done in advance? So we've added a full 2025 calendar to the last four pages of your planner – once again with important dates.

The very last page of your annual planner (not shown here) is reserved for laid-back notes, year-round reminders, or some random, casual doodling.

A close-up of WTF Notebooks' annual planner

Useful inside, wicked outside

Whether you need to keep your kids' playdates in check or just want to make your workmates blush, a WTF Notebooks planner is everything but boring.

Pick from more than 200 hilarious planner titles to find the one that'll keep you sane for a whole year. Then pimp out your planner with your favourite cover colour and notebook type.

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