Which Mug Are You?

They go together like tea and biscuits: WTF Notebooks and I'm a Mug have teamed up to give you the chance to win one of 50 funny coffee mugs of your choice.

I'm a Mug offers a vast range of hilariously (and purposefully misspelt) ceramic mugs, featuring job titles, hobbies and lifestyle choices.

To enter the draw, simply purchase any WTF Notebooks before or on Monday, 22 February 2022*, and if you're the lucky winner we'll contact you to choose your favourite mug title.

I'm a Giveaway

How do I enter the draw?

Easy: You'll automatically enter draw if you purchase any WTF Notebooks before or on Monday, 22 February 2022*.

Do I get multiple entries if I buy more?

Yes! Every WTF Notebook you purchase gives you another entry in the draw. This means there's a chance to win more than one mug.

If I win, can I choose which mug I get?

Yes! All 50 winners will be contacted after the prize draw, and given the chance to select their favorite mug title from I'm a Mug's extensive range.

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The mugs from I'm a Mug perfectly pair with some of our WTF Notebooks titles. Check out the combos below or match your own by browsing imamug.co today. Each of their hilarious mugs comes with either green or red print, and is made in the United Kingdom.

Enter the draw today

Don't miss out on your chance to win one of 50 hilarious mugs from I'm a Mug. Purchase any WTF Notebook before or on Monday, 22 February 2022, and you're automatically in the draw.

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*Terms and Conditions apply. To enter the prize draw, participants must place an order at wtfnotebooks.co.uk no later than Monday, February 22, 2022, 11:59PM (GMT). Orders placed after this deadline are not considered entries into the draw. Participants can enter the draw as many times as they wish by placing multiple orders, or by purchasing multiple WTF Notebooks within the same order. The prize is one of 50 ceramic mugs from I'm a Mug (imamug.co), to be won by eligible customers of wtfnotebooks.com and wtfnotebooks.co.uk, and the winners will be contacted to choose their preferred mug title after the prize draw. Shipping costs of the prizes are covered by WTF Notebooks. Neither WTF Notebooks nor I'ma Mug, take any responsibility for potential customs or import fees, or for issues or delays in shipping of the prizes.